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Comparison book and film: The Reluctant Fundamentalist

After watching The Reluctant Fundamentalist in movie version and reading the book, I will comment on the differences I noticed. It was written by Moshin Hamid in 2007 and tells the story about a Pakistani man who lived a successful life in America, until 9/11.
The very first thing I noticed when the movie started rolling was that everything happened so fast. He met the girl Erica in the streets of New York. While in the book, they meet on a student trip in Greece. In the movie, Greece is not even mentioned! It took a long time before they got close with each other, mostly because Erica was still upset about her boyfriend`s death. In the book, she talks a lot about Chris. How she met him how he looked like, what they did together and how he died. In the movie, he is mentioned only one time…. The way things ended with Erica was different. In the book, she just disappeared from the hospital and goes missing, we don’t know more than that. But in the movie, she hugs Changez goodbye and walks out the door and is not seen again. So basically, the relationship between Erica and Changez develops a lot faster in the movie than in the book.
The American is a more important person in the movie than in the book. In the movie, he has lot more screen time and we know so much more about him than in the book. We get to know why he was talking to Changes in the first place. Also in the end of the book, he pulls out a gun and is ready to shoot Changez. In the movie, it was a big crowd and Changez got away somewhere else while Bobby ended up in a car with a gunshot in his leg.

When it comes to Jim, I feel like he was introduced too fast in the movie than in the book. Underwood Samson was not like I imagined when I read the book. I also feel like Jim had a big temper problem in the movie. To me he seemed impatient and extremely bossy. He yells like crazy when Changez decides to leave the company. In the, book he was lever and he was the one who fired Changez.
I acutely got a little bit disappointed when I saw the movie. Mostly because I felt like may important part were left out. And, things happened way too fast. To me, the message in the book was more than one thing; love, Muslims, terror and 9/11. In the film, I think they focused more on how Changez was a Muslim and what his intensions was in America. I think that because we didn’t see so much of Erica as I thought we would do. That made the love theme go away. The person we see the most is Changez, we also see and hear more about his family then we did in the book. The biggest surprise and different was the way it ended in both the book and the movie. I didn’t like the ending in the movie. I have always heard that the books are better than the movie versions. And that’s exactly what I think in this case too.

The Reluctant Fundamentalist

We started reading this book called The Reluctant Fundamentalist.

“A young Pakistani, Changez, meets a US American in Lahore, Pakistan and tells him about his old and successful life in America. Until 9/11, which changed everything. Suddenly he had to choose sides.”

The book was a little bit boring in the beginning, mostly because it was written in a very messy way so didn’t understand much. It switches from past to present many times in the chapters.
So far, I have read about when Changez met the American and Jim at the Caffe or restaurant in Lahore. They talk about everything. Changez wants to work for Jim, so I can tell that he was trying to sell himself off. In the next chapters, he tells about his student trip to Greece where he met a girl named Erica. To me, it seemed that Changez got a little obsessed with Erica. At the end of the second chapter he says that nothing happened between him and Erica. I think that was kind of sad. I liked reading about Erica and the whole Greece trip. I hope they will be together in the end.

My Son the Fanatic and Free for All

Both stories show that it`s not easy to be an immigrant, no matter where you are from or witch country you decide to live in. The two stories took place in the US and UK. I think living in the UK as immigrants can be challenging. I have heard that in London there is many different types of criminal gangs, with mostly boys/men. Therefore, it can be difficult for immigrant children to find their place in the society. When you are from another country and decide to move to another country to raise kids there, it could be difficult. Mostly because it’s a different culture then where they are from. You get friends in the “new country” and they have their own oneopinion one everything, and that’s what could be difficult. When it comes to Norway and immigration, I feel like there is two sides; one side is bad and the other one is good. The bad part is that the immigrants brings their culture into our Norwegian culture and ruins it. The good thing is that the immigrants keep the population in Norway high.

Thoughts on the movie, Grand Torino

The movie tells the story of an old man who lives alone in a small place in the US. Next door to him, there lives a Hmong family with two teenage children. One of them, the son, named Thao, tries to steal Walt’s car, a Gran Torino. Walt decides to actually help him to get a little more “though”.

1. Walt was an old grumpy man who didn’t get along with either family or neighbors. But that’s changing when the Hmong family becomes his new neighbor. The family tries to invite him out of his house to get him more social, because they have another culture, and Walt doesn’t like it.
The more people from a culture you are with, the more you respect them, I think. Walt didn’t like the family at first. But the more he talked to them he actually learned more about their culture.

2. The Hmong people in this film is to me two types; the good ones and the bad ones. There was a gang of “bad” boys that was related to the family. The only thing they did was to bully Thao. I don’t know exactly why they did that, maybe to show people that they wanted to fit in with the rest. I feel like the Hmong people in USA need to only be friends with other Hmong families because no one “likes” them because they are immigrants.

3. It looked like Thao and Sue didn’t have many friends in the movie that was Americans or other. It obviously made me think that must be a reason for. Maybe nobody wanted to be friends with them? Early in the movie we can see that Thao tries to steal Walt`s Gran Torino car, because he feels a big pressure from his older and more though cousin and his friends. It must have been difficult being them.

4. Walt is definitely learning about other cultures by living in a multicultural neighborhood. In the beginning of the movie, Walt is grumpy, he doesn’t like to talk to his family or anyone at all, he is rude and be is a person that people should stay away from. When the Hmong family comes to the neighborhood the is still grumpy and rude, but that changes when Thao`s mother wants Thao to work for him. Walt realizes that Thao lives under pressure from his cousin. He then decides to help him get more tough by teaching him manly stuff.

5. “Gran Torino’s rich portrayal of cultural diversity and genuine dialogue combine to tell a noble story of how human relationships can evolve across cultural boundaries and lead to valuable personal realizations and fulfillment – even in the most trying circumstances.”

It`s true that there are many scary circumstances in the movie, at least for Walt. I agree with the summary of the film because it describes the plot and the message in just a few lines.

Speech: Gender Equality

I read an article about gender equality ranking in the world. And Norway has been ranked the world’s third most gender equal country in a study by the World Economic Forum. It was Iceland on top, Finland the second and Norway as the third.
The people in Norway don’t really think about gender equality in our own country. We think about US in the 60s and Martin Luther King’s speech. At least that`s what I do. Gender equality is a theme that we don’t even talk about that much. And when we do, Norwegians have a tendency to think we are perfect in any way. What I think of gender equality is that it`s important to talk about it in school to little kids so that they actually know what it is. Maybe they have experienced it, just that they don’t know what it was? I read the news a lot. Almost every week I see examples of gender equality. An example: One man & one woman was entering a full packed bus in Oslo. There was only place for one, so the bus driver told the man that he would have the last seat, not the woman. Why he did that? I don’t know. Maybe because most people think that men/boys is more important.
Maybe many immigrants cultures could it maybe be different because they have other wives on gender equality. So maybe Norwegians got affected by them and their views on it and that’s why Norway is what it is today.

International Day

1. The goal of this project was to learn about OD 2017 and all the other things we were thought about. Me and Anna had two tasks: Be in charge of the movie room, showing a video about the OD project. And get people to listen to a travelogue about the Soviet Union.

2. Me and Anna did research on the travelogue by reading about the Soviet Union and we decided on focusing on some certain countries that used to be in the Soviet Union. Me & Anna choose the movie room and travelogue because we thought it would be interesting and fun.

3. When we were writing down a short text and making our poster we talked to Knut Skaar. He was the one who was talking about the travelogue.

5. Me and Anna decided to work together because in that way we get work done more fast.

6. None of the other schools I have gone to has had something called International Day. It`s the first time I have experienced it. We ran into our contact teacher while waiting outside the travelogue room. She said that she didn’t know that we would be absent for the first period. Maybe next time the teachers should inform each other? One other thing we found out was that we were not required all the time, for example outside the travelogue room. We found out that people didn’t really need any “guides” to tell them about the rooms, so we ended up being a little bit bored during those two hours. During our time in the movie room, we missed lunch, so we obviously got hungry. Maybe next time everyone has a lunch break from 11:20 to 11:45?

7. I learned a lot from the police officer talking about his work in the Middle Ocean with immigrants. I felt like he had an important message for all the students.

Elisabeth Hoff

Elisabeths speech about her job in Syria was a little bit interesting and also a bit boring becuase I feel like it does not really affect the people in Norway what happens to the people in Syria. She is a brave woman for helping them, but personally I would not do the same thing. She said that the job is very tough and dangerous. Its her own risk….